The First Citizen whom all India loved – Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam

As the nation mourns the loss of true leader,a visionary whose wings soared so high that the fire it produced ignited many a minds,I am forced by my inner voice to put in writing about this embodiment of demureness,a personality that the world renounces as a source of great humility.
I happen to remember an instance of an interview his excellency had given during his term as the President for this nation of many a billion voices.There are a 101 qualities that this chap from humble beginnings had in him that differentiated him from the common folk,but this one quality made him the person he was.
In the year 2006,when he was serving the nation as the the President,He was being interviewed at the Rashtrapati BhavanThe Presidential Residence by a local news channel from Tamil Nadu.The interviewer asks him a myriad of questions and he would narrate real life incidents to provide an answer to each of the interviewer’s question’s.Each answer had in them a lesson,encompassing definitive morals and sound values that defined him.His alluring persona with a chummy heart-warming smile that radiated benevolence is a feature that entranced us for years together.

When asked about what the happiest moment was during his entire life,the man started a little narrative.He told the story of a problem his team had faced during the launch of a Satellite Launch Vehicle into it’s orbit.The problem they were to deal with was with the portion on top.The material that constituted that portion had to be so strong that it could withstand a temperature of about 4000 Kelvin Degree.They knew that Carbon had the capacity to withstand higher range of temperature and so wanted to try it on their project.But even this was a problem because carbon was very heavy and so the launching mechanism would still fail.The team devised a new carbon composite and this time were successful in bringing down the weight of this by one-tenth of the original weight. 
At this juncture we as the audience expect him to tell us about how happy he felt to watch his hard work take flight and tell us that this was one very defining moment.Instead he tells us about how this carbon composite that he designed with the help of his team helps a boy suffering with polio.The light weight meant that the boy could use the material for support and walk swiftly like any other free person.He tells us that he had experienced something that he could not put in words and that was when the crippled kid ran like a free bird enjoying the new support gear,He could see the mother crying.Tears of utter joy they were,he reiterates.And in that moment he defines his happiness.
The fact that he contributed to the discovery of a new composite that would mean a much more brisk design for all the people suffering with polio and therefore spreading cheer to the affected and their families brought him a felicity he had never known before.I was a little baffled but then it came back and hit me.A symbol of down-to-earthiness he shall always be embedded deep in our hearts forever.

A man so true to his virtues of simple living,a man who put India on the map of nuclear science,the man who was fondly called the ‘missile man‘,a soul whose presence shall reside in every person whose act of kindness touches hearts.We bow to you in solitude sir and shall strive hard until your dream of India 2020 is fulfilled.

 A Timeline of Significant Events in the life of Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam :



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